Jesus, Teach Me How to Pray
A Children's Curriculum based on The Lord's Prayer

An undated year long curriculum for ages 4-10
52 lessons designed to help children learn the basics of the Christian Faith including the Ten Commandments, Christmas and Easter, The Great Commission and the Greatest Commandment, the 23rd Psalm and most importantly, The Lord's Prayer.

The title of the Year is “Teach us, Jesus, How to Pray” because the focus of the Units will be on the Lord’s Prayer. Each week will be conclude with this age old prayer. Hopefully, by the time the children repeat it 52 times, they’ll know it by heart, and it will become a model for their daily personal prayers.

Each lesson features a variety of activities to help reinforce the theme. You’ll find songs, skits, video clips, games, illustrations, experiments, crafts and more. Choose activities that best fit your skills, personality and time frame. And don’t forget to have fun!

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