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I grew up in the country on a small farm in Ohio. To tell you the truth, my story isn’t
all that exciting. I lived a pretty quiet life with my 2 sisters, my brother and my mom
and dad. We went to church every Sunday, rain, shine, snow storm, even when most
of us had chicken pox and mumps, the rest of us went to church. All of my grandmas
and grandpas went to church, most all of my aunts and uncles, too.

Sometimes I think all of that made it harder for me to really find a relationship with
Jesus. For a long time I thought I was “good enough” to get to heaven and that going
to church was all I really needed to do. At some point in my 20’s I discovered I
needed Christ and need Him to be my personal Savior instead of just the head of the

When I was 16 I started writing songs, and shortly after I dedicated my living to
Christ, I began to point those songs toward Him. If you listen to the progression of
the songs I’ve written since that time, you can hear the stories of a good bit of my
faith journey. If you listen to “Things I See,” you’ll discover just of a few of the
questions I‘ve had for God and “Too Far Away” reveals the days in my life when I
loved Jesus, but missed out on the Abundance He wanted to give me. From “She Had
No Lamb” to “Lookin’ Up” and on to “Let it Rain” and “Here I Am, Lord” you’ll find
my faith story. The songs tell it all, well, most of it!

Now, I just want to help people find real life in Jesus. I know the difference that a
Christ-filled life can make and I love using music, Bible Study and teaching to help
others find the peace, contentment and wonder that a relationship with the Savior
can make.

Keep looking around the site and let me know if you have more questions! Especially
if you’d like me to tell you more about my Savior . . . I just love talking about Him!
The Fast Facts About Lynne
Wife of Steve since 1980
Mother of Three:
Monica, Sylvia & Julia
Grandmother of two:
Joshua & Corryn
Member of Ohio Valley Emmaus
Worship Leader
at Sycamore Tree Church
Writing songs since 1978
Singing semi-professionally since '88
Released 2 professional albums
Owner of Lasting Impressions