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Lynne Modranski released "Lookin' Up" in 2004. "Lookin' Up" has
an acoustic Country feel and each of the songs are words of
praise and adoration to the One who gave us life!
Track Listing:
1. Lookin' Up
2. I Really Want to Worship You
3. Let it Rain
4. I Saw Love
5. Why Shouldn't I
6. It Takes a Little Rain
7. Take a Lesson From the Pigs
8. The Color Of Autumn
9. Forgive me Much, Lord
10. Here I Am
You can purchase the entire CD or MP3 Tracks at any of
these links:

CD Baby - CD ~ $12 - Tracks ~ .99 each
Rhapsody - Buy MP3's only - .99 each or $8.99 for all 10
iTunes - Buy Mp3's only - .99 each

Plus, "Lookin' Up" is at Amazon and most of your favorite
download sites!