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Lynne has been creating resources for churches her husband has served for years. In the past couple of years, she's begun making them available online. Many are free, some she's attempting to use to make up a paycheck! This is the central place where you'll find links to them all! Stop back often and use the links below to sign up for updates!
The Free Stuff
The Book Store

- For Church Leaders and Small Groups
- For Busy Moms
- For Advent
- For Busy Families

Children's Curriculum

- The Bible Meets Potato Chip Science
- The Bible Meets Soda Pop Science

Bible Studies

- An overview of all the studies is here
- Step Out on Faith
- Running the Race
- 40 Days in the Wilderness
- A Bright Future, A Renewed Hope
- Weight Loss with the Bible
- Hope in Our Suffering

Inspirational Books

- My Knight in Shining Armor
- Lynne's Guide to Successful Parenting

For Church Leaders
- on Kindle
- in Print
- on Nook
For Moms
- on Kindle
- in Print
For Families
- in Print
Children's Curriculum
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- 1st Quarter
- 2nd Quarter
- 3rd Quarter
- Holiday Quarter
- Full Year
- PDF E-Book(s)
- In Print
- PDF E-Book
Jesus, Teach Me How to Pray
Heroes, Heroines, Champs & Chumps
Other Books
My Knight in Shining Armor
- in Print
- PDF E-Book
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