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Lynne Modranski was born and raised in the Upper Ohio Valley.  Born on a Sunday, she was in church the next (or so they tell her).  She grew up with a lot of misconceptions about Jesus even through her family was active in church (you can read about those in her testimony on the right), but after she finally figured out what life in Christ was all about, she became passionate about serving Him.  

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Lynne is an avid reader, with scripture being her number one read! It's this reading that gives her the inspiration for everything she writes. Her first words on paper were in the form of poetry and lyrics. Lynne wrote more than fifty songs during the years that she sang with local group "Crossroads to Glory." With Crossroads and then in a solo ministry, Lynne has had the privilege of singing in many churches throughout eastern Ohio and even a few in the rest of the Eastern U.S. But after her husband became a pastor, Lynne's writing started to take the form of Advent Readings and Bible Studies. In 2010 she wrote her first Children's Curriculum and listed it on the internet for churches to purchase. Imagine her surprise when she got the first few orders! Now you'll find many resources for churches in her online store and on Amazon. Currently, Lynne serves as Worship Leader and Discipleship Coordinator at Sycamore Tree Church in Follansbee, WV. She leads several Bible discussions every week and fills the pulpit a few times a year. These folks are the guinea pigs for every Bible Discussion Guide and Children's Curriculum you'll find in her repertoire (and they keep coming back!) Lynne and her husband, Steve, will celebrate 40 years of marrige in 2020. They have three beautiful daughters and have been blessed with three wonderful sons-in-law. Four beautiful grandchildren and a few of the church kids call her "Hada". When she's not writing or playing music, she loves spending time with her family and hitting a ball around a golf course.

Lynne spent most of her youth learning about Jesus and God, but somehow thinking that she could be "good enough" for heaven. Another misconception she had was that because her parents and grandparents were saved, she somehow inherited it. In her early twenties, Lynne finally came to an understanding about the grace of God and how much she didn't deserve it. She began building a relationship instead of working on the rules, and the Christian life became a life worth living. Click here to find all the details!


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